Weed - Running Back - Cassette


From the kind of music they play, overloaded stonergaze with a heavy Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine influence, you might think the Vancouver-based duo of Will Anderson and Kevin Doherty were referring to the medicinal and recreational herb when they named their band Weed. They insist it's a verb, as in to get rid of (something harmful or superfluous). They started playing together in 2010, releasing their first single ("With Drug"/"Eighty") in 2011, then followed it in 2012 with a four-song EP titled Gun Control that featured new member Hugo Noriega. The three-piece recorded a full album with Dylan Wall at the Old Fire House Teen Center in Washington, Deserve, which was released by Couple Skate Records in 2013. The trio, armed with a guest drummer, took to the road next, crisscrossing the country and building up a solid fan base. Their next record was solid enough to impress Lefse Records, who agreed to release it. Recorded with Jordan Koop at the helm, Running Back was issued in early 2015