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Coromandelles - Late Bloomers’ Bloomers - CS

Coromandelles - Late Bloomers’ Bloomers - CS

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Coromandelles’ debut album Late Bloomers’ Bloomers reminds us there is no line to tow. Dan Michicoff of the Tijuana Panthers started writing and recording songs in his Los Angeles apartment. The project grew to include Matt Maust of Cold War Kids on bass and visuals, and also the voices of Robyn Roth and Naomi Greene. Michicoff and Maust then made their way up to Seattle for tracking at Joe Plummer’s studio La Puebla. Plummer of Cold War Kids and The Shins donned two caps as drummer and engineer of the sessions. Finally, they handed the mixed bag of home and studio recordings off to Yukki Matthews of The Shins for mixing. The resulting bouquet is the parti-colored Late Bloomers’ Bloomers.

Does there have to be a trade off between staying on track and getting comfortable with feeling lost? After all, “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Instead of over-achieving, Coromandelles opted for nights out, cheap wine, French lessons, and figure drawing classes… Late Bloomers’ Bloomers is about finding the enjoyment in being derailed. The album rolls through moments of anxiety, doubt, and hope before finally closing with a two-song suite that evokes a flowering transition. “End of Mad Men” is the bloom and “Seaudeaux” is a hazy memento mori of wilted flowers, empty wine glasses, and oyster shells – a definite highlight.

If Father Time is constantly confronting us with ever-changing expectations, then Coromandelles are here to remind us we have options. It’s never too late in life to feel clouded or lost. Yet, it’s never too late to feel an optimistic itch like “New Ordain.” Coromandelles are willing to come out and say it. Make a change. Go with it. You’ll be surprised.

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