PIAPTK - David Liebe Hart Meets Jad Fair and Jason Willett - For Everyone LP


“Do you know a good entertainment lawyer? The Catholic church is using my music without my permission." - David Liebe Hart on David Liebe Hart Meets Jad Fair And Jason Willett.

The music industry thrives on labeling artists. The practice is so deeply embedded that even the subgenres of subgenres have their own subgenres. Within this hyper-regulated system, there is no place for the indescribably unique. Artists who flagrantly disregard the system are deemed outsiders, a distinction that eventually morphed into a label of its own. With that said, Joyful Noise Recordings is proud to present David Liebe Hart Meets Jad Fair And Jason Willett, a project that unites two titanic figures from the world of outsider expression.

For fans of wild unrestrained rock and roll, Jad Fair needs no introduction. Jad has spent the last forty years demolishing rock music norms with Half Japanese and various other projects. While David Leibe Hart is best known for his otherworldly puppetry on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, he’s been recording music since 2004 when he issued his self-released debut Christian Hymns And Songs Of Praise.

Jad and David didn’t meet before or during this long-distance collaboration, but both artists express a mutual admiration. "I was so pleased to work with David. He has a real creative flow and his style is very fresh,” says Jad. "I think Jad Fair is a super-genius and a talented person,” offers David.

The result of their artistic partnership is immediately humorous, occasionally dark, and ultimately touching in its naked emotional expression. David’s unconventional lyrics address a variety of autobiographical themes, from an appreciation of nature, to an almost erotic love for lentil beans. Beyond those concerns David takes listeners on a kaleidoscopic trip through trash TV based partially on his own experiences as a bit actor in Hollywood during the ‘70s and ’80s.

“A songwriter is a painter who paints what he's experienced and what he's gone through. I just paint what I've experienced,” David explains. “David certainly chose themes that wouldn't have come to my mind to write songs about,” counters Jad.

The end result is an album as compelling as it is unusual. David Liebe Hart Meets Jad Fair And Jason Willett is a milestone release in outsider music.