Various Artists - Noar Avud 2 - Cassette


"NOAR AVUD 2", featuring more obscure, Hebrew language underground sounds from Israel.

Noar Avud is a new cassette label by Vaadat Charigim frontman Juval
Haring, based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Haring's background as a
promoter, publicist, festival organizer, and touring musician led him
to the idea of starting a local label, focused on underground sounds,
and the Hebrew language, with the intent on bringing endemic music
from Israel's busy indie scene, to a wider, international audience.

Noar Avud's ties to Burger Records, through Haring's band Vaadat Charigim resulted in collaboration between the two labels - A series of cassettes, all in Hebrew, ranging from lo-fi to electronic
to math-rock and emo.

Collaboration with Noar Avud.