Paul Williams - Someday Man



Side A:

  1. Someday Man

  2. So Many People

  3. She's Too Good to Me

  4. Mornin' I'll Be Movin' On

  5. Time

Side B:

  1. Trust

  2. To Put Up with You

  3. Do You Really Have a Heart?

  4. I Know You

  5. Roan Pony

*Bonus Tracks*

  1. So Many People (Demo)

  2. I Know You (Demo)


December 10, 2018 - Ship To Shore PhonoCo .and Burger Records are proud to announce that Someday Man, the debut album by the songwriting team of Paul Williams and Roger Nichols, will be re-issued on vinyl for the first time with bonus tracks, brand-new liner notes by Williams and Nichols and in two exclusive color variants. Before Paul Williams and Roger Nichols dominated the charts with "Rainy Days And Mondays" and "We've Only Just Begun," the songwriting super-team released their first collection of songs on 1970's Someday Man. Though the album did not ascend to the same heights as the duo's later material, it remains a favorite among music fans and the title track was covered at the time by The Monkees and Georgie Fame. "You made an old man very happy; once a someday man, now a someday geezer, very pleased!" exclaimed the Someday Man himself when presented with a copy of the new version of the album. In addition to two demo bonus tracks, this brand-new, deluxe vinyl package includes in-depth liner notes not only from both Williams and Nichols, but also from Williams' collaborator and Bongos frontman Richard Barone. "Paul's universal themes of defeat, heartbreak, and ultimate redemption married to Nichols' sweeping melodies that telegraphed resurrection and bittersweet hope provided a string of hits for a wide range of the era's major artists," writes Barone. "Both men made indelible impressions in our culture and consciousness, but the later achievements often eclipse this titanic team's debut, 1970's Someday Man." This re-issue is available in two variants: "Summer Was Forever" Sky Blue from Ship To Shore PhonoCo. and "New Day, Baby" White from Burger Records. Both are stunning, collectible and limited to 500 copies each. Sky blue vinyl available from Ship To Shore PhonoCo