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Telephone Lovers - Two Dollar Baby / Real Action - 7"

Telephone Lovers - Two Dollar Baby / Real Action - 7"

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A little over a year since the release of their thumping self-titled debut, Long Beach’s Telephone Lovers return to preach the gospel of 70s style glam-punk and power pop with a new single. Picking up right where they left off, the band roars to life on A-side, “Two Dollar Baby,” a track that will get feet stomping and bodies moving. With hard-charging classic guitar riffs, pounding rhythms and refreshingly soulful vocals, “Two Dollar Baby” is everything you could want in this type of tune. “Real Action” delivers more of the same but with the emphasis on the “pop” part of power pop—no doubt both of these songs will soon inspire drunken sing-a-longs. The single doesn’t attack any distinctly new territory, but it does show a lot of development since their LP, with the band sounding tighter and fuller than ever. It’s those qualities that allow the heart and soul at play here to truly ring out—both tunes sound truly anthemic, and a copy of this record should be on the way to every jukebox.

Collab with Disconnected Records

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