C.J. McKnight - Stinker Lets Loose OST - CS

C.J. McKnight's outrageous soundtrack to the cinematic hit of 1977 - STINKER LET’S LOOSE - is FINALLY back in press (after 40 years!) and ready to be consumed again by music lovers of all stars and stripes!
Our favorite deep-fried Dixie is Letting Loose as only a Stinker can. With old pals Boner and Jimbo along for the crazy ride, plus mountain boy Buck and Rascal the chimp, the rowdy gang hits the highways and biways of Bicentennial America and meets scores of beautiful Southern gals, reams of trecherous villains, and even . . . the Big Man!
Will Stinker truly Let Loose? Or will Big Government and the Smokeys bring him down?
Strap yourself into this fully amped, revved-up mean machine and ride off into a Southern inflected, sudsy adventure!