Hooveriii - Hooveriii



For those unfamiliar with Hooveriii, the vibe is that of a driving psychedelic space rock band, with enough shred-laden, dual-guitar work, to impress the heads and more hooks than a Peter Pan (pirate?)

This batch of songs blends sweetness and crunch better
than your favorite breakfast cereal and the effect lasts longer too.
One listen and you’ll have these melodic riffs and caloric choruses
buried in your mind grapes so deep you’ll need to have them surgically
extracted. If you enjoyed the songs Bert wrote for Mind Meld, you
won’t be disappointed by the penmanship Hoover has brought to the
table here and there’s even more sonic layers to sink your canines
into. It’s not surprising that this version of the band has stuck
longer than any other and they’ve already shared stages with Fuzz,
ORB, Acid Mother’s Temple & more. Soon enough, you’ll be seeing them
at the top of the bill, blowing the minds of everyone within earshot.”
-Lance Barresi (Permanent Records)


Collaboration with Permanent Records.