Hunx and his Punx - Too Young To Be In Love - Cassette


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  1. Lovers Lane

  2. He's Coming Back

  3. Keep Away From Johnny

  4. The Curse Of Being Young

  5. Too Young To Be In Love

  6. If You're Not Here (I Don't Know Where You Are)

  7. Bad Boy

  8. Tonite Tonite

  9. Can We Get Together?

  10. Blow Me Away


Before it became synonymous with speedy rock songs, the term "punk" started as prison slang for someone who was homosexual. Either definition works for Hunx & His Punx. In 2008, after fronting the theatrical electro group Gravy Train!!!!, flamboyant hair stylist Seth Bogart (Hunx) went on to front Hunx & His Punx, a garage punk outfit with infectious Ramones melodies and lyrics about cute boys. Their first album, the Gay Singles LP, was released on True Panther Sounds in 2010, and followed up by Too Young to Be in Love on Hardly Art in 2011. Output was varied from Bogart for the next few years, including a more reserved solo album, Hairdresser Blues, in 2012 (credited just to Hunx) and a far less glammy album with the angry and menacing Street Punk in 2013, once again under the Hunx & His Punx moniker. ~ Jason Lymangrover, Rovi