Laure Briard - Un Peu Plus d'Amour S'il Vous Plait



Laure Briard is back with a long player and (mostly) singing in French, except on ‘Kooky Sun’, the sighing ‘Someone’ and lounge jazz-y ‘Love Across The Sea’. She’s still wedded to 60s and 70s pop styles and formats – baroque psych, yé-yé, sunny MOR and traces of Brazilian pop – with Un Peu Plus D’Amour S’Il Vous Plaît’s ten tracks and their sequencing making for a very vinyl-minded release. Or maybe it’s about not expending energy uselessly, which appears to be her concern on ‘Énergie’. That track and ‘Kooky Sun’ fizz by and are as richly detailed in their arrangements and layered production as the showstopping ballad that gives the album its name.