Pearl and the Oysters - Canned Music



Sticky-sweet but never cloying, Pearl and The Oysters is equal parts fantastical space opera and cult 60’s beach movie. The band’s sound, which they call ‘laser-gun pop’, is both exquisitely otherworldly and comfortingly familiar. Singer Juliette Pearl Davis’ distorted vocals layer over lush, fizzy synths, bossa nova-tinged grooves, and sunshiney space-age sound effects fit for a sci-fi B-movie. Beachy guitar riffs add a sense of retro nostalgia to the record, making it feel nearly like a cousin to the surf rock hits of the early 1960’s. Bubblegum pop like w/ Pearl & The Oysters often has a proclivity to be overly-mushy, overly-saccharine, and even nauseating, but w/ Pearl & The Oysters is a mature addition to the genre that transcends bubblegum pop’s usual pitfalls. In fact, the sweetness of the record gives it a cathartic property that allows listeners to forget personal troubles and heal through the music.