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The Prefab Messiahs- Music For Concerned Citizens- CD

The Prefab Messiahs- Music For Concerned Citizens- CD

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Pre Sales Begin Thursday May 13, 2021

Release Date: July 9 2021

Pandemics rage, the climate boils, politics putrefy, economies rot, and mass culture crumbles. Luckily, The Prefab Messiahs ring in their 40th(!) anniversary with a timely new batch of mind-expanding, genre-twisting sonic nuggets to distract us — and with any luck, to help inspire some fair turnabout. 'Music For Concerned Citizens' — the perfect prescription to pop your brain's socially-distanced bubble!


Xeerox Feinberg: Guitars, bass, vocals
Trip Thompson: Electronic doodads, synths, bass, vocals
Doc Michaud: 12 string guitar, guitars, keyboards
Matthew Horn: Drum samples, beautiful vocals and screams

All songs written and produced by X. Feinberg
all rights reserved
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