The Sound Reasons - Til The End Of Time - Cassette


It defied reason. Forming a band in order to raise from the dead a short, obscure musical period of lawlessness between 1965-67, in a day and age of predictable, artificial and uninspired "music".
Coming from the 4 corners of LA County, The Sound Reasons got it together. Locals began seeing where it was at, because, every performance they saw, the boys brought the thunder and lightning down in the form of a hip shaking, pounding, jangly, fuzz drenched soundscape.To the Sound Reasons, music is THE THING with no artificial ingredients, and real SOUL. With the Sound Reasons, Rock and Roll, really, is alive and well. For this band, the only thing that counts is getting it tight, out of sight and nailing theelusiveSOUND.
This debut release is sure to turn your party, cookout, or freakout ON because these guys have the stuff.
The stuff that defies Reason!