V.A. - Off The Charts: The Song Poem Story OST - LP


FROM THE CD RELEASE: Red Rock Records and Complex Corporation are proud to announce the release of the soundtrack CD of Off the Charts: The song Poem Story, the acclaimed documentary feature from director Jamie Meltzer.

The Soundtrack CD features liner notes written by Penn Jillete of Penn and Teller, contains songs from the film and fascinating snippets of dialogue sepearating the tracks.

Off the Charts: The Song Poem Story, which premiered in a national broadcast on PBS' Independent Lens series, is a feature-length documentary about the sometimes unsettling, but always fascinating, world of the song-poem industry.In this little-known subculture, ordinary people send in their heartfelt, but often bizarre, poems to companies that-for a fee-turn them into the full-fledged musical productions featured on the companion CD soundtrack.