Vincent Kircher - Am I Ghost - Cassette


After finally releasing the long-delayed Brain Cream in 2015, Jaill—and singer-guitarist Vincent Kircher, in particular—has kept a pretty low profile. Though the past 18 months have seen the former Sub Pop and Burger Records band put a near-moratorium on shows, Jaill’s founder and last remaining original member has been busy in his basement studio. Last January, he quietly put out Whatever It Be, a self-recorded Jaill record in which he played every instrument and took the garage band to softer territory than ever before. This time around, Kircher decided to take the project’s name off the first effort he wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely on his own and, instead, use his own name. The first Vincent Kircher solo record, Am I Ghost, is outfitted with a dozen songs that aren’t a far departure from Jaill’s most subdued and down-tempo material. However, this release has a much more electronic bent than anything Kircher has manged to date. The first single, “Mr. Doom,” features the familiar voice and jutting guitar solos carefully accenting a soothing score that seems like something out of a mid-’80s dream sequence.

Collaboration with Vinnie's House of Doom Records.