IV And The Strange Band - Coleman Williams IV

TRAJECTORY RECORDS is thrilled to announce the release of "Son Of Sin" on 7" vinyl by none other than IV And The Strange Band! 

There are family traditions, and then there is the Williams Family Tradition.  Beginning with the legendary Hank Williams, then his son, Hank Jr. and grandson, Hank III, now the fourth generation of Williams, Coleman Williams, or simply "IV"is ready to take his place in the music world with his band, IV And The Strange Band.

Raised in Nashville as the only child of Hank Williams III, IV spent his formative years being driven by the heavy tones and sounds of progressive, vocal-driven music while still retaining a love for Southern country and blues legends.

Even though IV had been singing and writing songs his entire life, he never really had a project to express his true voice. He also had reservations about ever being like the rest of his family, wanting to forge his own path. Bassist and producer Jason Dietz would help to change that, as would other influential musicians with whom IV has developed his style of guitar playing.

IV then met the group of musicians he needed for what is now dubbed The Strange Band: David Talley, lead guitar, Laura Beth Jewell on fiddle, Taylor Powell on drums and Daniel Mason (of Hank III's band) on banjo. The band has found its sound: 100-watt amps blended with fiddle, banjo, drums, and powerful, vocal-driven country hooks combining many diverse influences and musical histories.

Being 29 and starting his music career seems an interesting time, but that exact age is when his great grandfather Hank Sr.’s life ended. IV had a vision and dream that couldn’t be obtained in the right way without this journey. Being handed a legacy is one thing; IV is determined to earn it.

Limited to 1000 copies. This item is on pre-order, expected to ship Fall 2021.

Track Listing: 

1. “Son Of Sin” 

2. “Son Of Sin,” Acoustic Version


IV And The Strange Band - Coleman Williams IV
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